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I had a great experience growing up here in Elmhurst.

I am very invested in the community and I love to see the ongoing improvements being made to our schools.

Serving as a District 205 Board of Education Member has enabled me to continue my longstanding commitment to this community. District 205 is a place where kids thrive. The opportunities available to our students are abundant and our teachers work hard to create experiences that enhance their learning even more.

Our foundation is solid, but as a board member, I'm committed to raising the bar.

Our current administration, with direction and accountability from the board, has embarked on a

Strategic Planning process that will focus on 

student success, learning environments, financial & operational effectiveness and community engagement.

The work has already begun and we are currently in the process of evaluating

content areas across the district to make sure all of the curricular materials & instructional practices
align with the assessments students will be expected to take. 

Taking this deep dive into our core areas is resulting in procedures and policies that are more effective and consistent.

Most importantly, we're creating a sound framework of ongoing growth and improvements
for our 
students and community 
allowing us to hyper focus in areas of need and make our work 
clear & consistent.
This plan will take D205 from good to great, and I'm running for re-election because 

would like to continue to be a part of this important work.  

Three areas I will continue to promote: 


Collaboration & Communication

I know firsthand that power can come from having parents, teachers, administrators and most importantly, students

on the same page. When we come together, we can make sound choices and create programs and experiences for all.

Our redesigned communications department has dramatically improved the opportunities for stakeholders to be a

part of the D205 conversation and the input we have gained from these sessions and surveys has been invaluable.


When we did our superintendent search, our community stepped in and gave their time and openly shared their thoughts so we could be sure we were choosing a leader who is aligned with our community's values and priorities. 

Going forward, I will strive to create even more collaborative opportunities for our stakeholders to engage in the important work we are doing.

I will also advocate for student voice and idea sharing. Because sometimes kids know best when it comes to addressing challenges in our schools. It is my goal to keep the community involved in the strategic planning process and make sure we continue to communicate effectively about the work being done with our students, parents and to the many stakeholders
who do not have kids in D205.

College and Career Readiness

We all want our children to thrive beyond high school, no matter what path they choose. The programs and support currently in place to guide students as they make their plans after York HS are extremely helpful. 

I would like to see D205 find even more ways to help kids fit electives into their schedules, increase work/study opportunities, and expose them to career exploration.

Deciding what to do after high school can be stressful, so it's the district's responsibility to provide students with abundant and well-thought-out options that can set them up for long-term success. We can't decide for students whether college or work is the right option, but we should give them as many tools as possible to help everyone find their right direction. 


Referendum Project Oversight

I was a leader in the grassroots effort to educate the community and advocate for the referendum passed in 2018. The passing of the referendum was a great step for our community, and it will ensure that our schools are kept up to the standards that the people of Elmhurst, and those moving into Elmhurst, expect. I feel strongly about the benefits of this plan and I will continue to help oversee the process and ensure that things go smoothly.


We have asked our director of facilities and construction partners to be conscientious of our school building neighbors and to communicate properly with them. We understand the challenges that major construction can cause in a neighborhood.  Thankfully we have gotten great feedback from our neighbors about the process and we will be sure this respectful relationship continues as we work to complete the remainder of the referendum projects.

We are always looking for ways to reduce spending on our projects, without compromising the quality of the work. I will be sure we continue to scrutinize the plans and ask questions. I will also continue to make sure all our projects are completed to the standards of our community, and that we continue to have a long-term maintenance plan that ensures the continued health of our buildings. 


Vote for Beth Hosler on April 4th for Elmhurst District 205 School Board Member

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