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I was raised in Elmhurst and attended D205 schools including Roosevelt, Emerson, Churchville, and York.   My husband also grew up here and we have family that lives in Elmhurst as well. We have 3 children. My oldest is a freshman in college and we have a senior and sophomore who attend York HS.  I take much pride in the Elmhurst community and have always been compelled to volunteer and give back whenever I can. 

Four years ago, I began my most recent volunteer role as a member of the D205 school board.

To be an effective school board member, it's important to understand the perspective of those we represent.

  • First, you must understand the student perspective. As a product of D205 schools, I feel a connection to our students through our shared experience. I value their input and I believe we can learn a lot when we truly listen to them.

  • Second, having three children who have gone through all levels in our district, I can relate to parents and the journey they are on.  I understand that it can be both rewarding and at times stressful.

  • Third, the work of our teachers, administrators, and staff is vital to implement our plans and achieve the outcomes we desire.  In my volunteer work over the past 14 years, I have worked closely with many of them and have a unique understanding of the challenges they face every day.

  • Finally, having a close network of family members living here in Elmhurst, many of whom do not have students in D205 schools, I can understand their viewpoint as well. 

    I believe these experiences and connections make me uniquely qualified as a school board member and have been an asset in decision-making during my first term. Listening and truly understanding those who elect me is essential to the work I do for District 205.

  • Member of the D205 School Board since April 2019

  • Member of the D205 Policy Committee

  • Serve on the SASED Special Education Co-op Board

  • D205 School Board Delegate for the IASB Resolutions Committee 

  • Have volunteered in D205 schools for the past 14 years & served 4 years on the Elmhurst PTA Council

  • Have served on many special initiative committees for D205

  • Shining Star Award recipient for volunteer service on YES for D205 new school Ballot Initiative Committee

  • Volunteer at a center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation

  • Volunteered with community sports clubs for over 5 years

  • Grew up in Elmhurst and attended D205 schools Roosevelt, Emerson, Churchville and York

  • Associates in Science from the College of DuPage

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