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"As a lifelong resident and product of D205 schools, I feel passionate about giving back to our community.

As a school board member, I believe in constructive collaboration with all stakeholders. 

The best solutions come when we strive to listen, understand and work together.

I am committed to making sound decisions that align with our community's values and priorities." 



Beth has been volunteering in our schools for the past 14 years. As PTA president, a leader on the Referendum committee and in her current role as a D205 School Board member, she has proven to be a dedicated & collaborative leader who gets things done. Beth is the delegate on the IASB resolutions committee for our District, she's a member of the Policy Committee and also represents our district on the SASED board of control. 


Common Sense

Beth is passionate about open communication. She has worked with administrators to come up with comprehensive ways to engage our stakeholders and include them in the conversation as decisions are being made.

She knows that when people understand the plan for our schools, why the work is necessary and what the outcomes will be, it builds trust and fosters a collaborative partnership with the community.



Beth and her husband both grew up in Elmhurst and had a positive experience attending D205 schools. She has 3 children who attend or have graduated from York High School. She believes strong schools should continue to be the foundation upon which our community is built. It is important to her that all students have the educational resources and tools they need to graduate from District 205 and be successful on the path they choose.

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